Tattoo Supplies

  1. Powder Free Latex Gloves

    Powder Free Latex Gloves

    Starting at: $8.99

    10   Boxes Per Case
    100 Gloves Per Box


    Total 1000 Pieces 

    $8.99 per box

    $89.90 per case

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  2. Towelettes & Wipes

    Towelettes & Wipes

    Starting at: $67.10

    Pre-moistened towelettes used for cleaning purposes.

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  3. Tongue Depressor

    Tongue Depressor - Disposable

    Starting at: $59.99

    Ideal for oral examinations and patient care. Precision cut with smooth polished finish. Delivers consistent performance and strength.

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  4. Professional Towels

    Professional Towels

    Starting at: $31.20

    These embossed Standard Professional Towels are soft and highly absorbent.

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  5. Examination Table Paper

    Examination Table Paper

    Starting at: $53.99

    Examination table paper designed for patient comfort and additional patient protection. Available in smooth or crepe finish.

    12 rolls/pkg

    Used in: Medical, Health and Beauty
    Available in: Canada

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  6. Disposable Plastic Cups

    Disposable Plastic Cups

    Starting at: $36.37

    High quality pastel cup colours coordinated with dental bibs. Plastic material for compact feel.

    100 pcs/box
    10 boxes/case

    Used in: Medical, Dental, Health and Beauty, Retail
    Available in: US, Canada

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  7. Poly-Coated Paper Cups

    Poly-Coated Paper Cups

    Starting at: $38.45

    Use to dispense a measure amount of water or liquid medication. “Rolled lip” for better lip feel and control. Available in 3 designs.

    100 pcs/box
    10 boxes/case

    Used in: Medical, Dental, Health and Beauty, Retail
    Available in: US, Canada

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  8. 2-Ply Dental Bibs

    2-Ply Dental Bibs

    Starting at: $29.27

    Durable patient protection thanks to high absorption. Ideal for cleanings and minor procedures.

    500 pcs/box
    1 box/case

    Used in: Medical, Dental
    Available in: US, Canada

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  9. Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl Alcohol

    Starting at: $82.67

    Used in: Medical, Dental, Health and Beauty
    Available in: Canada

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  10. Sterilization Pouches

    Sterilization Pouches

    Starting at: $55.73

    Guaranteed sterilization with a Class 4 internal multi-variable indicator and a Class 1 external process indicator for steam sterilization. Meets CDC guidelines for effective sterilization and responds to all variables: time, temperature and saturated steam.

    200 pcs/pack | 6 packs/case on sizes 2- 3/4 x 9, 3-1/2 x 9
    200 pcs/pack | 5 packs/case on sizes 3-1/2 x 5-1/4, 7-1/2 x 13, 10 x 14, 12 x 17
    200 pcs/pack | 10 packs/case on sizes 2-1/4 x 4 & 5-1/4 x 10

    Used in: Medical, Dental, Health and Beauty
    Available in: Canada

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A sterile environment is key to Tattoo Parlors attracting customers. With Medical Depot, Tattooists can be sure to receive sterile and quality products and even non sterile supplies for those of a different preference.

Black nitrile gloves, blue nitrile gloves, latex powdered gloves and latex powder free gloves are amongst our top products sold to tattoo parlors. Our glove range also includes the rejuvenate nitrile gloves, the synthetic gloves, vinyl gloves and our brand new addition, the vytril glove. Vytril gloves are nitrile and vinyl components mixed to create a strong and elastic glove.

Most tattooists provide a sterile environment for their customers. As such, sterilization products also top our best sellers list. Sterilization pouches, isopropyl alcohol and hand sanitizers are in constant demand with our tattoos supply world.

Tongue depressors, both sterile and non sterile, and cotton tip applicators, are in constant demand with tattoo parlors. Cotton gauze, both woven and non woven, is also a most sort after product.

Other items under our tattoo supply catalog are the ear loop face masks, table paper, pre moistened wipes, dental bids with plastic back and sterile drape sheets.

If you cannot find the tattoos supplies that you are looking for, just call us on our toll free number. Our customer service agents will inform you of any special sales we have or will personally check our inventory for the item you seek. Some items that do not appear on our website under tattoo supplies are abdominal pads, ultrasound gel, numbing agents, plastic cups, surgical tape, barrier films and alcohol prep pads.

Though Medical depot does not provide tattoo equipment or tattoo machines and or tattoo guns like our partners at World Wide Tattoo, we can provide you with the very best in medical supply. Along with our next day shipping available to Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Toronto, Medical Depot can be trusted as your number one tattoo supply provider.

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